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Tumble’s mission is to make laundry day less of a hassle for everyone. Our referral program accelerates this mission by rewarding you for forcing change.
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how it works

Tumble will pay $100 to the first individual who refers a serviceable property or is instrumental in bringing Tumble’s offering to that property. Tumble will pay this money in the form of check, cash, or electronic transfer (restrictions apply) to said individual at the conclusion of negotiations and installation of Tumble’s offering in the referred property. The referring individual must not be an employee of the owners of the property or of the property management company contracted to manage said property by the owners. Tumble reserves the right to refuse payment to anyone who may be in breach of the above rules or at the discretion of Tumble’s legal team. There is no limit to the number of buildings that may be referred by an individual. This offer currently stands for the first 25 properties acquired through this program. By submitting the below form you are acknowledging that you understand the above. For questions or clarification of these rules please email